I have worked with multi-industry partners worldwide to secure, produce, and promote several major photography exhibitions.

Selected from British Journal of Photography's awards, I work with artists and galleries on every aspect of the exhibitions, from concept, curation, and delivery. I have produced 14 international exhibitions.

As a curator, I have worked on shows in New York (US), Arles (France), Miami (US) and in London. (UK).


As Production Manager, I deliver major projects including the UK’s largest outdoor photography exhibition, ‘Portrait of Britain’, alongside digital exhibitions for 'Portrait of Humanity' (in five countries) with Clear Channel international.

​I have managed the production of six photo books in partnership with Hoxton Mini Press. Portrait of Britain Vol.1, 2, 3, 4and Portrait of Humanity Vol, 1, 2 and 3


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Creative Strategy

I handle multiple fast-paced projects simultaneously, spanning several different teams. Working to ensure efficient communication across the board to ensure deadlines are met.


I take great care in putting best practices into place for a team to follow, whilst also creating a company-wide organisational system for calendars, and information/image storage. 


I have organised several large-scale events across industry sectors. At West End Studios, I managed international business conferences for thousands of attendees across the world. For Action Against Hunger, I helped develop and produce fundraising events to support non-profit organisations.

As Stage Manager for New Sussex Opera, I produced 4 touring shows around the UK.

In my current role, I  have produced three book launches for more than 1000 attendees. I also organise exhibition openings with international gallery partners and high-profile guest lists to provide maximum exposure for the artists, while also reinforcing the company’s status in the industry.


Press Relations

In my current role, I am responsible for all press enquires, and for the organisation of several large-scale press campaigns for our international awards programmes.

I coordinate all press outreach, researching, developing and managing contacts. I both write and distribute press releases and created impactful press packs.

This year I single-handedly managed the press campaign for ‘Portrait of Britain’, for which I secured more than 50 editorial features in print and online.